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In today’s digital era, everybody, especially youngsters, uses acronyms while having conversations so that they can make their speech in a few words like ASAP (As Soon As Possible), BAE (Before Anyone Else), LOL (Laughing Out Loud), etc. However, there are a lot of new acronyms used in normal conversations that you might be unaware of.

Do you want to know the hidden meaning behind the acronym “what does wyll mean“?

In today’s article, we are going to provide you with information about the latest and most commonly used acronym, “WYLL,” and you’ll find everything about this acronym: what it stands for, where we can use it, how we can use it, and all. let’s find out! 


wyll full form

WYLL Full Form

WYLL Full Form:

The abbreviation of the acronym WYLL is “What You Look Like.”. This abbreviation of the word WYLL is based on the Urban Dictionary. By its abbreviation, we can easily conclude that WYLL is a shorthand way to engage in conversations about appearances. 

One requirement of using this acronym, WYLL, in normal conversation is that the conversation should be one-to-one. However, it is not compulsory, but this is what is usually referred to. 

What Does WYLL Mean?

WYLL is the way to ask someone about his/her appearance if you don’t know how the person looks alike. In today’s era where everything is virtual and in hand, people do have online conversations with some other people whom they don’t know. 

So, after having a conversation for a suitable period, the individuals who are talking without seeing each other can ask how the person they are talking to looks like. Hence, they use the WYLL acronym to make a long conversation short. 


what does wyll mean

what does wyll mean?

What Does WYLL Mean in Texting:

The acronym WYLL is generally used while having an online one-to-one conversation with someone you don’t know. Whenever you send this acronym to anyone, they will easily understand that you are asking them how they look.  On the other hand, the person you are talking to will react to it according to his/her comfort. 

What Does WYLL Mean on Instagram:

WYLL meaning will be the same wherever it is used. It is the word used when having an online texting conversation with an unfamiliar person. The conversation can happen on any social media platform. It is not only restricted to Instagram, you can use it while having an online conversation on any social media platform, including TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, or every other online platform that is used for having online texting conversations with strangers. 


what does wyll mean on snapchat

what does wyll mean on Snapchat?

How to Use WYLL in Conversations:

There are several ways to use the acronym WYLL in casual conversation. A few of them are given below so it might give you an idea of how you can use it while chatting with someone you don’t know. 

  • Since we’ve been conversing for a while, I must ask: WYLL?
  • Okay, WYLL? All I’ve ever seen on your Instagram story are photos of your pets.
  • Your conversational manner makes you look hip. WYLL? Forward a photo.
  • Even after months of messaging, I still don’t know WYLL. Could you please send me a photo of yours? 

These are the ways you can ask someone for his/her appearance while having a conversation. These instances might help you with using the acronym WYLL in conversation. 

How to Respond to WYLL:

In some cases, people might not know how to react to WYLL. Here we are to solve every problem of yours. So, your reaction to WYLL is completely based on your comfort level with the one you are talking to. 

If you are too frank with the individual you are talking to you can directly send a picture of yours to him/her. In case you are not comfortable sending a picture of yours you can send your personality traits or you can also send your astrological sign. 

Your reaction can also be based on the online platform on which you are talking. For example, you may send a video back on TikTok. On Snapchat, however, you may share your Bitmoji (customized avatar).

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Is WYLL a Slang?

People are often confused while using the acronym WYLL because they don’t know if it is slang or not. So, when you ask someone WYLL it doesn’t mean that you are asking this especially to judge them by their appearance. 

It is generally asked to know someone closely. The acronym WYLL isn’t restricted to physical appearance but is also used to ask someone for their interests and personality traits. So, in simple words, WYLL is not slang. 

Would WYLL consider impolite?

No, it is not as it is a very common question asked by anybody with whom you are conversing online for a reasonable period but don’t know what how the person looks like. It is not rude to ask someone WYLL. On the other hand, it shows incredibly superficial or only motivated human curiosity

Is It Appropriate to Use WYLL in Business Conversations?

It is often asked if it is ok to use the acronym WYLL in professional conversation. So, here is the answer it is not good to use it while having business meetings or any other professional conversation. As professional conversation demands for formal type of conversation, using an acronym like WYLL might not be suitable to use in business meetings. 


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